Individual Members

Sorin Bangu (University of Bergen, Norway)

Most of Sorin’s work is in philosophy of mathematics and philosophy of physics, and often addresses issues at their boundary. He also ventures into metaphysics and epistemology (when they are scientifically relevant), the philosophy of logic, and the history of science and mathematics.

Corine Besson (University of Sussex, UK)

Corine’s principal areas of research are epistemology, the philosophy of logic and the philosophy of language. She is also interested in metaphysics and the history of analytic philosophy.

Elke Brendel (University of Bonn, Germany)

Elke’s principal areas of research are logic, philosophy of logic, argumentation theory, epistemology, philosophy of language, and metaphilosophy.

Colin Caret (University of Utrecht, Netherlands)

Colin’s primary research is in philosophical logic, epistemology, and the philosophy of science, but is also quite enamoured with the strains of skepticism and idealism found in pre-Qin Daoism and early Buddhism. 

Massimiliano Carrara (University of Padua, Italy)

Massimiliano’s principal areas of research…

Bogdan Dicher (University of Lisbon, Portugal)

Bogdan’s principal areas of research…

Filippo Ferrari (University of Bonn, Germany)

Filippo’s primary research interests concern truth, epistemic normativity, the nature and normative significance of disagreement, topics in the philosophies of language and logic, and the epistemology of post-truth.

Ole Hjortland (University of Bergen, Norway)

Ole’s research focuses mainly upon rationality and logic.

Ulf Hlobil (University of Concordia, Canada)

Ulf’s primary research interests…

Luca Incurvati (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Luca’s primary research interests lie in the philosophy of mathematics, formal and philosophical logic, philosophy of language, meta-ethics and metaphysics

Ben Martin (University of Padua, Italy)

Ben’s primary research interests concern the methodology and epistemology of logic, such as how paradoxes evidence logics and the extent to which theory-choice in logic is similar to that in the sciences.

Sebastiano Moruzzi (University of Bologna, Italy)

Sebastiano’s primary research interests…

Julien Murzi (University of Salzburg, Austria)

Julien specialises in the philosophies of language and logic, but also has serious interests in logic proper, metaphysics, epistemology, and the philosophy of mathematics.

Romina Padro (The Graduate Center CUNY, U.S.A.)

Romina’s main research interests focus on topics in epistemology and the philosophy of language, especially the epistemology of logic.

Nikolaj Pedersen (Yonsei University, South Korea)

Nikolaj’s primary research interests…

Marcus Rossberg (University of Connecticut, U.S.A.)

Marcus’ primary research interests…

Gillian Russell (Australian Catholic University, Australia)

Gillian’s research interests include topics in the philosophy of language, such as the analytic/synthetic distinction, and issues in the philosophy of logic, such as logic’s epistemology, the normativity of logic, logical pluralism, and logical nihilism.

Gil Sagi (University of Haifa, Israel)

Gil’s primary research interests…

Jeffrey Schatz (University of Bergen, Norway)

Jeffrey’s work mostly focuses on the history and nature of mathematics and logic and their relationship to science more broadly, especially in the Islamic Golden Age, Scottish Enlightenment, and the early 20th century, as well as in current practice.

Andrea Sereni (IUSS Pavia, Italy)

Andrea’s main research interests include topics in the philosophy of language, epistemology, and the philosophy of mathematics and logic. In particular, on Frege’s philosophy of mathematics and the (neo)logicist tradition, the debate between platonism and nominalism, and epistemological problems concerning mathematical and logical knowledge

Gila Sher (University of California, San Diego, U.S.A.)

Gila’s research focuses mainly on topics related to truth, knowledge and logic.

Sebastian Speitel (University of Bonn, Germany)

Sebastian’s research focuses on topics in the philosophy of language and logic, particularly regarding how conceptions of meaning impact on the delineation of logic and the classification of logical constants.

Erik Stei (University of Utrecht, Netherlands)

Sebastian’s research focuses on topics in the philosophy of logic, the philosophy of language, and epistemology.

Florian Steinberger (Birkbeck College, University of London, UK)

Florian’s main research interests include parts of epistemology, normativity, and the philosophies of logic and language. 

Andrea Strollo (NanJing University, China)

Andrea’s main research interests include…

Diego Tajer (MCMP-LMU, Germany & IIF-SADAF-CONICET, Argentina)

Diego’s work covers topics in the philosophy of logic and epistemology, including the semantic paradoxes, theories of truth, and logical pluralism.

Institutional Members

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