Current Debates in the Philosophy of Logic Seminar

Topic #1 — Topics in the Methodology of Logic

5/2/2021, 2-4pm CET — Hlobil, U. (2020). The Limits of Abductivism about Logic. PPR (Online first:

12/2/2021, 2-4pm — Martin, B. & Hjortland, O. (2020). Logical Predictivism. JPL (Online first:

19/2/2021, 2-4pm — Titelbaum, M. (forthcoming). Normative Modeling (Methods in Analytic Philosophy: A Contemporary Reader. J. Horvath ed. The PhilPapers Foundation)

26/2/2021, 2-4pm — Payette, G. & Wyatt, N. (2018) How Do Logics Explain? AJP, 96: 157–67

5/3/2021, 2-6pm — First Brainstorming Workshop on Methodological Issues

Part#2 — Topics in the Epistemology of Logic

12/3/2021, 2-4pm — Wright, C. (2018) Logical Non-Cognitivism. Philosophical Issues, 8: 425–50. doi: 10.1111/phis.12132

19/3/2021, 2-4pm — Besson, C. (work in progress) Normativity and the Logic Makes the Mind Move View.

26/3/2021, 2-4pm — Woods, J. (2019) Against Reflective Equilibrium for Logical Theorizing. Australasian Journal of Logic, 16: 319–41.

09/4/2021, 2-4pm — Padro, R. (work in progress) The Adoption Problem and the Epistemology of Logic.

16/4/2021, 2-4pm — Rossberg, M. & Shapiro, S. (2021) Logic and Science: Science and Logic. Synthese (Online first:

Part#3 — Topics in the Metaphysics of Logic

Coming soon

Part#4 — Topics in the Normativity of Logic

Coming soon

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